Katrinka Reinhart

Untitled photo
I have loved photography since discovering the world through the lens as a teenager in a bullfighting arena in Madrid. I couldn't stand to watch the unequal fight but found I was able to discover beauty and artistry through the camera as well as convey a story that I found important. Now, as I work as an archaeologist in China (see my research, fieldwork and teaching website), I find that the photographic medium is an excellent way to not only document rapidly changing societies, environments, and cultures, but also to think through some of the theoretical angles of my work.

Although I credit the formative bullfighting experience as setting the stage for my later work in the darkroom and travel photography, it was really my father Dennis who first inspired me and helped me get started. He was an avid photographer who shot out of the small airplane he flew. Currently I have another source of inspiration in David Greenberg, who has accompanied me to China on almost every research trip as both my photographer and to continue his own photographic work, which continues to expand at www.djdigitaldave.net.

I am currently beginning to archive a selection of photographs from travels in China and elsewhere. I shoot primarily with Nikon D300. My photographic style ranges from ethnographic realism to symbolic composition and abstract painting with light.

I'm excited to share these photos. Please enjoy the captured moments... I welcome your feedback!

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